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the hardest. to get you more news faster, let's turn to our solo reporter kron four's mike pelton live at the corte madera shopping center. >> let me show you some video from pounding amounts of rainfall. over this weekend, storms from a one-2 in.. there is also a wind advisory until 1 this afternoon. you could see wind gusting from 40 m.p.h.- 50 m.p.h. it is shaking the trees. airline the water, the wind blowing the trees not ideal conditions if you have to leave the house. marty, so many people have extra presence and last minute items. if you have to go out? you might want to get an umbrella. >> an umbrella and the viet warm coat. perhaps there could be some clearing. >> new overnight, all lanes of interstate 8-80 are back open this morning after a nine vehicle collision in oakland. the crash happened just after five this morning on northbound 8-80 just south of interstate 9-80. its not known if the collision was weather related. injured. >> the wet weather didn't keep people inside in the east bay. in walnut creek, shoppers hit the streets to catch those last minute christmas barga
and here in the bay area are remembering the victims of friday's school shooting. kron four's mike pelton joins us live from st. mary's cathedral in san francisco this morning. >>reporter: good morning. if you can see that this began about 30 minutes ago. many people coming in to pray for the victim's enougand the family let me show you what is a set up this vigil. the monsignor said something a few moments ago and also their goal today is to help everybody cope with the tragedy in connecticut. take a listen. >> to be united for everybody is suffering this loss. >>reporter: the cathedral has a service at nine, 11, one. they expect people to come and pray and if you want to be uplifting and the sunday service. it is difficult to be uplifting on a day like today. >> thank you, mike. new this morning. an 18-year-old man is dead after being shot in san francisco's bayview district last night. police say the shooting took place on around 10pm. the victim suffered at least one gunshot wound and was taken to the hospital by a friend where he was pronounced dead. the shooting is under investigati
flights were either canceled or delayed. we want to get you updated. will turn to mike pelton who is reporting live from s f o. >> the rain is really coming down here at the airport. it is once again causing delays. there is one hour and delays for some arriving flights. these people here on your screen are tried to head up before this happens. let me show you video from last evening. about 100 flights were canceled and long lines filled the area. some of the waited for hours just to check their bags. >> this was delayed and this gentleman did make it here to san francisco. but now he is waiting for a bus to napa up. >> we were supposed to leave up at 5:00. we did i get out of here until about 11:00 p.m.. what time do you think you will be back in napa to that? >> the bus problem will not be here until 8:00. i am proud when i get home until about o'clock this morning. >> according to them they stated that sampras's go and oakland does not have a batch of delays. if you're flying in or out of the areas you should check with the carrier ordered flights that is before you leave home.
. pesticide of a water main break last month that covered a neighborhood and mud. kron4 as mike pelton went to daly city this morning to see were the things stand now. >> you concede tarts with sandbags that are trundle hold some of the dirt underneath. they're trying to block any mud that may occur. the residents have been concerned with a another must light coming through. this clearly held up yesterday and they do have a bit of a break. that will keep an eye on whether not the strong rain will add any more problems. >> the rain has also caused a dip in a christmas tree sales in the bay area. while some people still one of shopping in the rain managers as a christmas tree jamboree in san francisco says that they have seen a 15% decrease and customers due to the storms. they say now is the perfect time to get a christmas tree. >> they are totally fresh and green and this is the san francisco version of snow. you should come down and get a tree area >> city employees can get it does count. >> stay with kron 4 as we continue to track the storm. of this are also available on kron 4 dot com, a
like it was yesterday. all you need for proof is this live shot from mike pelton. the effects of this morning's temperatures are apparent. >> over the past hour it is warm now at 37 degrees here in pleasanton. you concede some of these cars in this parking lot on first street are frozen with a thick layer of frost. these cars were left overnight. this has not left anyone from going through their typical morning routine. if people have been out running and walking their dogs. >> this is not to bed. it is not even 32 degrees. >> i do not feel that bed. >> does the phyllite winter to you now? >> yes. >> cars have came and stopped here. they look like they were on fire because there exhaustless is building. grab a jacket, a scarf, and gloves. >> winter has not even officially started. it feels like it already. >> with the official start we will get some precipitation. >> check out fairfield. there at 26 degrees. yesterday we had the frost and freeze advisory. it is a chilly start for our north bay. check out the heart of the bay. it is 43 degrees in san francisco. temperatures are
overnight. kron four's mike pelton is live from san jose where investigators remain on the scene.he brings us the latest. good morning mike. >> and j. r., this child is only 4 years old >> reporter: the fire crews were made on the scene. if the red cross is also here assisting those who are displaced they tell me that about 60 people are without a home. let me show you the video. what have dozens residents were boggled outside of this structure. with help of the red cross however, there are three people that wor did not make it. some residents, and a firefighter are being treated for smoke inhalation. this resident said that it was very scary. >> i saw a fire. and when did the wind this lady was screaming and crying. and i went to my room. and i told everybody to come out. >> at this point,the coroner is still on the scene of but a very tragic an endan apartment complex in san jose goes up in flames, child. the fire also sent three officer - to the hospital with smoke inhalationit broke out just after 11 p-m last night in the three- thousand block of bridgeportthe red cross is helping 56 f
to mike pelton who is live at s f o. >> a lot of people are trying to get out early to beat the rush. but they are not having any luck. it is a lot of congestion here at as a foe. and lot of travelers are coming here and this is officially signaling the end of their holiday. thousands of passengers are headed home as they spent christmas with their family and friends. everyone that i spoke with stated that it was a perfect day. >> i went to the movies and i had drinks and i played darts with my friends. >> it's back to the daily grind. >> good nose for travelers. right now there are no delays coming in or going out as at all. this can change as whether rosa in here in san francisco and across the country. we will continue to monitor the other delays. >> a san francisco woman will be arraigned today on charges of the hit killer manslaughter that killed one pedestrian and ended at two others in the twin peaks area. the 56 year-old, y yuee yao, died after a crash hit hard at the twin peaks a lookout point. police said the driver was intoxicated. the victim's son told us that he does not
for this weekend to many people got out of the house. mike pelton has more >> avocados, grapes, onions, avocados, onions. >> it is all about the food. >> everything is fresh and in the season. he joined hundreds of the farmers' market courthous >> the lady has the most beautiful greens in the universe. >> this is for every saturday at for the first time in weeks to open under clear skies. >> last week where were drenched. primitive is certainly an improvement from the last couple of saturdays. >> certainly, at least a 5 owner% improvement. >> many people of that. because of a pack their carts with food and even had a friendly debate. >> and avocados. >> it is all about the vegetables and fruit? >> it will wait a minute is this a fruit or a vegetable? >> we will move on. for those choosing to sit spend their saturday, >> christmas shopping, unfortunately. >> why unfortunately? >> i hate shopping. >> and the people that are focusing the right type of food for this time of year. >> we of the regular list just about every weekend and check if it twice. >> mike pelton, kron 4. >> this n f l player is
getting a face-lift. and it's happening tomorrow. kron4's mike pelton reports from the bridge -- on what crews are planning to change. >> beginning next week, the bay bridge road received a multimillion-dollar face looked with a restriking and a class of will be painted white. this will expect to last six months. there will not close any of the lanes during daylight hours this will be complimenting the new east span it will open september. at the bay bridge toll plaza, mike pelton, kron 4 news. >> a nice holiday present for drivers. gas prices continue to drop for the third week in a row. the average u.s. price of a gallon of gasoline has dropped ten cents over the past three weeks nationwide. now a look at prices here in the bay area. in san francisco the average gallon of regular is selling for three -71 a gallon. that's down almost 30 cents from a month ago. in oakland -- fuel will cost you about 3-59, and in san jose, 3-57. while gas prices are going down. bart is considering charging riders more to park at it's lots. but before that happens, the transit agency wants your input. kron
and airport are encouraging you to check with your carriers before you go to the airport. mike pelton, kron 4. amazing. christmas decoration you can night. >> santa claus will be leaving a lot of gifts for shoppers going to emeryville. >> better bargains if you wait until the last minute. >> i went to h & m and also had a some coupons. so i accused those. >> i had a great deals and i had coupons of -- and i used those. >> some people that do not like crowds made an appearance it made it feel more festive. >> id is busy but it is the holiday season so i decided to come out. >> well some customers were finishing up the holiday shopping some had a reason to be in the stores. >> i just found out what i should to get so i made that decision, brave the cold, rain, the crowd. >> walking around can build an appetite so of course it is only right to take a break. >> we're going to have pizza. >> we just left a hot dog place and hungary and then went to victoria's secret, hvand h & m, banana republic. >> reporter: some spent the entire day getting as many guests as they could still are not they're no
locations this morning. we have our fingers crossed the bay area so far but now we are going to mike pelton who is live at s f o. >> the rain is beginning to fall in that makes it more problems for travelers. here's video from inside the terminal, a lot of people are coming here and heading home from their vacation. jim leyland the more respected and has an airport or a holiday season. >> it is a big city, i'm used his small-town minnesota so is interesting to see all of the flights in general. >> good news for travelers so far there no delays in or out of s f o. that of course, could change with the weather but we will continue to monitor that this morning. a very busy day is expected here at the airport. >> looking at business news investors returning from christmas are looking for some news reverse the recent slide in stocks. it will be tough to find that holiday cheer in today's news slow. u.s. stock features are flat following the market's slide during monday's thinly traded session which was stored for a holiday. investors remain concerned that congress and the administration will be
no delays. to get you more news faster we turn to kron 4 urs solo reporter mike pelton who joins us live from s f o. mike? >> a lot of traffic is moving here and there is no rain right now. more than 2 million people are expected to pass through s f o over the holiday travel season. many people today are leaving and heading home. right now there are no delays. we will continue to monitor any potential delays or problems as rain most of the area. a lot of these passengers are holiday travelers and they have three big suitcases. >> pg&e crews are working to restore power to customers in oakland this morning. off 385 customers remain without power at this time. the outage happened just before 2:00 this morning after a car struck a power pole on at worst ave. the crash knocked down both the pole and power lines. 6800 customers were rigidly without power. if pg&e expects full restoration with an hour. >> a san francisco won and will be arraigned today on charges of vehicular manslaughter that killed one pedestrian and injured two others in the twin peaks area. 56 year-old died last week. afte
along the bridge to get you more news we will have a live report coming up later with mike pelton. also later, the latest on the power outages. 18,000 utility in the sonoma, particularly in santa rosa. elsewhere in the north bay, 6400 experiencing powd power outages and also 2200 people in the san francisco. 1300 are on the dark on the peninsula. with that flash flood a flash flood watch for the north bay also has cities near the russian river on alert. water levels have risen onto land in some parts of guerneville. and even though it's normally a slow-moving river... >> with 6-7 ft. it begins to get scary. we have to think about leaving town, turning off electricity, gasoline. and so forth. >> the national weather service says that it could be possibly a flooded road to a.m. with noon tomorrow reaching the highest levels. in this video shot yesterday, you can see that the river is rising fast. flooding, every decade or so, is not uncommon. the last serious threat was in the first days of january 06 of course the possibility always makes residents nervous. the national weather service
reporting live from antioch, mike pelton, kron 4 news. >> in oakland shooting near jack london square. it happened in broad daylight saturday afternoon and just blocks away from the police department. police say the victim was pronounced dead on the scene. the suspect is still on the loose. and in concord, police are looking for the person that released pepper spray in a grocery store. at least 20 people were sickened by the spray last night at a foodmax store on monument boulevard. hazmat members checked for any other dangerous chemicals. but didn't find any. >> the salvation army is stirring controversy on the u-c berkeley campus. the student government is upset over what it says is discriminatory policy against gays and lesbians by the salvation army. kron four's philippe djegal explains some students want bell ringers banned from the university. >> if these government permission tgets their way, there will not have permission to come on campus ever again. >> i think it is going too far. i would disagree with the >> that they have their beliefs and that sounds like the student bod
up. today, a gun buyback program is happening into bay area communities. kron4 as mike pelton joins us live at the san francisco location. mike, this event was scheduled even before yesterday's shooting. >> this takes place at st. benedict's church. you have to be a san francisco or oakland resident to take part in the program. you have to choose your residence they are bringing your driver's license or a utility bill. they will pay you for up to three guns and you can leave up to $600. you have to bring the gun unloaded. they will not collect any ammunition. once they collect all of these guns the police the parma will take the guns and ultimately destroy them. the oakland police department tells us that will melt down the guns and use the metal to creek park benches. >> can you find out if they have been able to show that this has made a difference? >> absolutely, this is the first buyback at this boys club. they stated they dealt directly with use because they do not want them to be getting their hands on guns. stay with kron4 dot com as we continue to a give you more coverage. >
'hare and midway airports. >> check your flights before heading to the airport. mike pelton will give us a live report at the bottom of the hour from s f o. >> a hit-and-run driver who inch for the district in san francisco's twin peaks that would is under arrest. the accident was reported before 9:00 p.m. on christmas tree point road. three pedestrians were struck by the sedan. at fourth person jump out of the way. one of the victims is being treated for life- threatening injuries. one occupant in the vehicle sustained minor injuries. >> the people of new town, conn. are marking one week since the shooting at sandy hook elementary. some tributes are planned for later this morning to remember those who died. >> 26 christmas trees one for each victim at sandy hook elementary. 27 guardian angels representing the lives lost including the shooter's mother. marking a week since the tragedy church bells will pull on friday. >> we will be ringing it 28 times. we recognize that there are 28 lives were lost. in our face got allotments for everyone. part of the faith is about for giving. >> for some peop
and the navy will be facing off later this afternoon. kron 4 urs mike pelton is live. >> facility crows are just showing up for the fans are not yet making their way to at&t park. this will change within the next hour. off thousands of them will come here for the craft fight hunger both periods this year will be different. the game kicks off the 1:00 p.m. and it will be arizona state against navy. both teams come in with winning records. if they both had victories against their rivals. if you do plan to come to the game the parking is $3. you can check the game on espn to if he planned to stay at home. >> there is a lot of traffic expected so you might want to avoid the area if possible. this is the 11th time this san francisco has hosted this bowl. >> two people are dead one of them a child after police say that they were swept off some rocks near the marin headlands. the video is from skyes 7 h-d. three adults have been fishing under the golden gate bridge yesterday. one of them managed to swim to shore to get help. the coast guard and the fire department found the child and the secon
and a message you can get a free ride. if to give you more knows best of us go to mike pelton. >> muni turns 100 years old today. many began this on december 28th, 1912. they became the first public see owned transit station. they receive about millions of customers a year. a lot of people here use every day. >> i do not drive. i love the muni. i appreciated. >> the free ride will last from now till 5:00 the morning. if you were not able to take a branch of a today than they will have free rides on the lawyers say. >> the time now is 8:24 a.m.. here is a live look outside at kings failed. and >> a national mills, secretary of state hillary clinton is heading back to work next week. clinton has been working from home while recovering from a concussion she suffered after feigning while fighting a stomach virus. her return to the state department is likely to be good news for capitol hill. clinton will testify next month before the congressional committee on the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> we will be right back. >> welcome back it is 8:29 a.m.. here is a live look at the jam
mike pelton shows us the driving force behind the program. the impact of >> dozens came out dropping out guns for hundreds of dollars but their main focus is getting these off the streets. >> there is a 22 in the desert to 12 pages. >> lots of guns for cash. >> i want to get rid of these, and heat venting. >> the skype brought three guns and also others. -- i want to get rid of these -- and i need money. >> if i can get to $200, why not? >> what are you going to do with the money? >> i will fill light tanks, twice. >> this is no laughing matter. >> this is the omega boys club that hosted the event. >> one of the things that we stand for is that a gun is a risk factor for violence. >> he is not over the statistic that a buyback makes a community safer but it is hoping that some of these could curb a spike in violence over parts of the bay area. >> hopefully, it will impact that but because without that element there could be a fist fight but somebody walk home after that. >> authorities will ultimately destroy these guns which is extra peace of mind. they will be able to leave with ca
mike pelton shows us how some are coping. >> with few words and lots of silent prayer manyfold the st. mary's cathedral with silent sorrow. >> it is so difficult. it is tough. >> many turn to prayer and reflection as they focused on faith. >> i do not know where you would go. >> it is a continued terrible situation, it is a fight against good and evil. >> many going to want to see here. >> there is no way to understand the grief of this tragedy >> inside this memorial, with a prayer, a tragedy and a vigil. >> we are listening to the lord's prayer into that way and let it speak to us. the lord's message. >> many are looking to find healing for themselves and for the families that are forever changed. >> except myself in prayer and we will find understanding. if cahoso feeble, and rejoice but it is difficult to do. and mike pelton, kron 4 news. >> we'll be back with more on the connecticut school shooting and bay area weather.after this. oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's
no significant criminal history. >> we will be talking with kron fours mike pelton about a pr firm, some spending on caltrans part that is causing problems and ruffling feathers. we will talk about that in a minute. bareback at 4:09. a quick look at our mount tam cam. we are seeing dry conditions and really cold out there. we will check with erica in a bid to get a look at the forecast for today and if you have weak in plant will see what weather google maps have returned to the iphone. >> the world's most popular online map system has returned with the release of the global maps iphone app. >> the new app comes almost treeless after apple replace coleman said the phone built in navigation system. clear replace executives from for developing apple maps. >> u.s. airlines are working to get internet access to overseas flights. united, delta and american airlines all said they expect that international flights with wife i assets takeoff of the next several weeks. >> united is aiming to have internet access on 300 planes by the end of next year. >> delta says it will take them as long as two years. >
the church now. kron fours mike pelton is live from the giveaway, the morning mike. >> is cold around the bay are expected is cold war you are. >> a lot of these people are braving the cold to get the free meal. >> i would say the line is closer to 1000 people. the line runs around the building down to zero feral you can see on the left side of your screen these metal fencing's at some point they are going to move these people and snake them through that. this gives you a good idea of how many people they expect today. the plan to hand out 5500 bags of goes reach a full holiday meal. >> comes with turkey or chicken. potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, beans and bread. >> the handout begins around 730. it runs until 1230 this afternoon or until they run out of food. you can see the demand is very very high here this morning. we will keep an eye on this all morning long. again this starts at 7:30 a.m. anyone who comes will get a meal until they run out till 1230 this afternoon. >> how low you suppose people have been waiting this morning? >> on your screen is the first group of people that have arriv
with delays. mike pelton our solo reported giving us the latest. >> the last check was four hours for some arriving flights. is that right? >> about 100 dowdy perswanted 30 people are expected to pass through. --130,000 people >> they have had to put into effect their ground delay program that means a lot of arriving flights was the delays. some of them up to four hours in length. the airport's fourth person tells me the storm is likely unusual--spoke's person the winds are coming from the south. that means that their flights will use a separate runway. >> we will continue to check in with the duty manager for the laser cancellations. james. >> thank you mike. >> a hit-and-run driver who injured for pedestrians in san francisco's twin peaks never live has been arrested. there you can see that suspect is in cuffs. this happened around 9:00 last night. at christmas tree point road. according to the police, three pedestrians were struck by as a dead at a fourth person managed to jump out of the way. >> one of the victims' is being treated for life threatening injuries. and one occupant in the
faster let us turn to kron 4 solo reporter mike pelton. he is live at the intersection of church and eboce. >> it began on december 28th 1912. the first publicly known land-based transit agency. many turns 100 clear. riders will see a free ride on all muni platforms. it is all free. it begins at 5:00 a.m.. the program run until 5 tomorrow morning. you have 24 hours to see what muni is about if you have not wrote it before. you can save a couple of dollars today. about 200 million people ride muni each year. back to you. >> thank you mike. joining us live. >> in other bay area news oakland officials bringing in william bratton to help turn around the oakland police department. he is being brought in as a consultant to help reduce and violent crime in the city. >> he has had a loss angeles and new york city police department. his role will be separate from the police compliance director will be named soon. >> his crime reduction plan will include reviewing over as prime tracking technology and recommending ways to build trust with residence. is expected to meet with city officials,
. to get you more news faster we turn to kron4 is so low reporter mike pelton. he joins us live from monte vista high school. mike? >> this was a very scary day for students and parents. here is video and this all began about 24 hours ago just before 7:00. the officers responded at lynbrook high school. they feel about a bomb threat and it it was targeted against a certain teacher. we are not releasing the teacher's name to help protect him. the authorities came on the school premises with docs and evacuate the school. this entire scene was confusing to the students. >> they need to do something about this for sure. the person that is doing this a serious. this needs to be taken seriously. >> this is not funny. >> the good news is that they did not find a bomb on campus and authorities are searching for the person who is behind this. this person could face felony charges we would ask the parents how they feel about this. >> fire investigators will return to fremont today to try and figure out what caused the three alarm structure fire. this is video from skyes 7 h d, the fired nsc and h en
is around 5 ft.. flood level is not until it reaches 13. if >> mike pelton is liven berkeley. >> there is a pretty good downpour and you can see the rain falling on your screen. it has been doing this all morning long. normally i met the berkeley, reyna and you can see san francisco from across the way. it is not so today because it is pitch black. the storm is moving through the bay area and there is not a lot away in the but the water is come and it is just a lot rain that we are same. there is no exaggeration that some of the heaviest forces have been not as bad as what we saw over the weekend. if you are hoping for a nicer day today at least in berkeley is not the case. >> the wins will pick up later on this afternoon and they will be about 10 to 20 mi. per hour. by the time that afternoon will roll around most of the bay area will start to dry out. we are looking as storm tracker 4 that is showing all of the yellow. there's some orange here which means there are heavy downpours that are isolated. you can see that 19th avenue are all cuss attending with heavy rain. you wi
may close. we would check with mike pelton because he has more on what is happening with this company. fresh and easy is a popular grocery store. it has 19 stores here in the bay area a lot of these stores may close down because they announce they will launch a eighth trustee chick review. this is due to the shareholders. the chief executive states that this will leave them to have the leave the united states. i spoke to one shopper this morning she was not surprised. >> i wish said it was better than slide. they are open 247 and i like that. i do not know when they opened but i are there were. >> this same shopper stated that when she shops here she leaves as a happy customer as most people do. they stated that there are looking at all possible options that pertain to their future. they hope to have more answers by next april. >> 6:34 a.m.. price of crab but this holiday season might be going up. crab fisherman from san francisco, half moon bay, and bodega bay are on strike over prices. the problem started over the weekend when crab boat skippers heard that the fish brokers were plan
the money is that they have to pay for this good publicity. , now it's bad publicity. mike pelton >> promoting the span of the new bridge opening that will open next year. it is a $10 million contract which would go towards the doors, video and commemorative book. thousands of dollars coming and on cold tires dimes. the overseeing of the kind caltrans cancelled the deal. it was the progress of advisor which should not have happened due to the size of the contractor. it is supposed to be approved by high-ranking officials. they canceled the contract and it is unclear at this point what they are going to do going forward. we do plan to reach out to caltrans official out here this morning. all indications are that any new contracts would come in with a cheaper price tag and the san million $1. >> i think kron4 rather than being the bay area's new station would be the bay bridge news station. 10 million bucks? are you kidding me? how do that now, no approval needed. >> investigation underway this morning after a car was struck by an amtrak train and emmitt and rebuild. there are pictu
travel days of the year for s f o. mike pelton is monitoring the situation out there. no rain yet but have the delays are restarted to read this area? >> the faa has already announced for our delays for some of arriving flights at s f o. i talk to the duty manager and he says they're keeping an eye on the weather in san francisco. they may have to but the ground like cover on into effect. if you are flying today you will want to check your flight status before leaving the house. lots of people are expected to fly today about a hundred and 30,000 people are expected to travel passed through sfo today. many are mom and are going home and are excited to take a week off of work. >> being on the beach with my whole family and having a good time with the whole family together for the holidays. >> if you are traveling for the holidays here are some travel tips; do not read any gifts -- wraps if you're traveling with a snow global put it in your carry-on bag because is liquid. the travel the rise will be just a reminder check the flies that is before coming to the airport. >> san jose pol
.99. >> soaked and sopping wet getting a steady dose of rain as they hit the stores today. kron 4's mike pelton shows us how they fared. >> you still have to get your shopping done. >> reporter: what turned out to be a gloamimorning. a columbia-morning, with orange construction zen'-- cones... even being blown across the parking lot. >> flooding may be bad now. but almost 30 years ago cars were almost fully submerged when marin county got hit with heavy rain. this is old kron 4 video of severe flooding in san rafael from january 19-82. cars weren't going anywhere in that water. and highway traffic funneled down to one lane. that almost biblical proportions. >> we are looking at some breaks with the dry weather. the stormtracker 4. notice terrace no libut still some between san jose and gilroy on the maps, and no green -- >> the capitol expressway, on highway 82. still, some showers to the south near the junction but things are wrapping up for the most part. we still have a flood warning in effect for the east bay and palo alto with flooding conditions near 1 0 1. things are beginning to improve
mike pelton. he caught up with fans of each team as they prepared for the game. when everyone was still in good spirits. >> reporter: hundreds packed the parking lots. between the navy and arizona. >> we brought salmon, orders and profits. the most tense and lots of food, he is ready with a we brought- tents... brats and burgers and he took the drive that was 11 hours. >> it is exciting. >> displayed at at&t park brought people from across the country. >> i am a big baseball fan and i have always wanted to be here. i would but did not expect a football game at a baseball park. >> they did not take long to see the difference between the teams on and off the field. >> differently a contrast. perhaps we envy their life style maybe they do not envy or lifestyle. >> we cannot hate the military academy. >> how does this tell kate, the mid-ship mend tail gate? >> we tell gate, sobsober. tailgating -- >> the way that the mid ship men. tail gaite sober. >> democratic and republican leaders are working through the weekend in an effort to keep the country from going over the "fiscal cliff." if the
to work or school is messy james. >> yes we have our own mike pelton out and did as well he is in the east bay. we are seeing it come down particularly hard. no. where will is we have berkeley. let us check in with mike. hey mike. >> good morning james. the sun is coming up the rain is coming down in berkeley pounding the area as it has all morning long. the rain is hitting this area hard. i am here at the berkeley marina normally, you get a nice view of san francisco from across the bay. all of the lights. not this morning, the storm is swallowing up said francisco is a very mucky morning in the east bay. not a lot of wind a lot of rain. the rain continues to come down on this area a lot of puddles and water is pulling along the streets. pooling along the streets. this is the heaviest rain i have seen all morning. even though we are close to getting a break from all of the rain and not the case here this morning. if you are heading out grabbed a jacket and i guess grin and bear it one more day. >> we will keep tabs on your location. we have erica watching a satellite and radar. we have ge
of bed storm. it is expected to be a nice few days across the bay. we will turn to mike pelton os reporting from the farmers market in san francisco. to >> you can see that there in full set up mode. this farmers' market opens up any minute now. they have italian food, vegetables, and chocolates. for the first time in several weeks they're opening up under clear skies. over the past several is we have been pounded by wind and rain. this is not the case this morning and the sun is coming up. many people that i spoke with this morning tell me that they're very excited to spend it we game without all this rain. >> you really cannot do anything, but go wild for a split second and then go back in. >> how great for you? >> i will enjoy it. i love the sun. >> it is very hard to find anyone would disagree. some of the vendors here are wrapping up their preparations. this opens until 2:00 p.m.. they do this every saturday. if you see anything or your screen as appetizing. you just need ask. >> on the other news this morning on sealed documents show a picture of a of a middle school student
in the bay area. our solo reporter mike pelton is outside of the fresh and easy in walnut creek. >> it is a popular browsers store. they have 19 ross stores across the bay area another tent in the west coast. 19 across the bay area. the company's ch-- this will result in the company leaving the united states that is catching people here by surprise. take a listen. that is kind of depressing because i think they had a good product. i am sorry but i would like to see them stay. >> i would be ok but i hope another store would open. i really would hold another store would open their. >> coming up at 8:38 a.m. you will hear from an employe of a nearby store and why he says it would cripple his business if this fresh and easy close as well. they are looking at all out as as it pertains to the future of their fresh and easy change in the united states the most a half-that they hope to have more answers by april. >> the time now is 7:33 a.m.. the prize for crab this holiday season might be going up. crab fisherman from san francisco, half moon bay, and the date they are on strike over p
turn to kron 4 urs so low reporter mike pelton who joins us live from outside the fresh and easy in walnut creek. mike? >> this will likely leave the company to have to leave the united states all together. there are looking at all possible options as well as partnering with other markets. they will have more ideas by april of 2013. this man is leaving his job after 30 years on the job and this is a very uncertain future for this change as they go into the new year. >> just did this morning the weekly jobs dropped to about 370,000 as a storm and plaque.the storm impact. we will see how this >> impacts the market when they opened at about 50 minutes. >> now that the rain has stopped we're still looking at the damage and the cleanup that has to be done. will let you know when the next rain will start. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. ñç >> in world news. egypt republican guard has ordered protesters supporting
the month of is the teacher. our solo reporter mike pelton joins us live from modest. >> a quiet morning here at monta vista school. >> police are still here blocking the entrance. >> support is get the all clear saying everything is safe. nonetheless a scary day for students and parents. initially some of the video from yesterday's it began before 7:00 a.m. yesterday morning. police searched and check out graffiti at nearby lynn br ook high school. >> or feat targeted a specific teacher at monta vista high school. the artist came on the scene with a canine unit enter school. they evacuated the school as well as nearby lincoln elementary. >> he is one of the sweetest teachers. he recently got married and had a child. he is so happy and pure. i was surprised it was him. >> he is a really nice guy. i am kind of curious as to what reason someone would have to go after him. >> the good news is authorities did not find a bomb on campus are any other hazard. this has turned into a big hoax. authorities say it is not funny they are searching to find who was behind a hoax. and say you ever behin
's eve. mike pelton, kron 4. >> there is nothing like watching a professional chef an action that is what you get at this brand new hot spot. >> my china. martin yen's his celebrity chef creation . >> this is right in front of your eyes. >> we wanted them to taste the food and this this cover >> you can this it close and watch these google and this longevity noodles >> we want them to bring wonderful memories and have a dining experience. to come back againn and again! >> this woman helga has been here for three times. >> i like this very much. i am experimenting with different dishes. i have been here for three times this one week. >> this kung pao and the hot and cool fire in the wok cocktail www.kron4.com 'dine and dish' >> in short life i which or good and wine. enjoy life. good wine, good people. vicki levy august, kron 4 news. live the cauc look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for
for. >> to get your news faster let's us turn our sole reporter mike pelton. >> this began when officials planned to promote the new span of the bay bridge slated to open next year. >> it is a massive project that once to be promoted and you want people to know. they agree to a $10 million contract with a pr firm. words pictures ideas. the problem is thousands of dollars were slated to go to tores, a video, and a commemorative book coming out of the toll payers dime. >> caltran found out the details and canceled the contract. it is unclear what they will do going forward if they will renegotiate. or if they will go with a different firm. i have called in to agency officials to try and find out their future plans. if and when we get those will bring it to you here on kron 4. back to you. >> thank you wwe will talk to you later to see what is happening. >> the investigation is underway into the accident you see on your screen. after a car struck by an amtrak train in the emeryville bizarre of the car apparently began struck--stockuck on the train tracks causing the crash. if your
a months of this the teacher. to get you more news faster we turn to kron4 solo reporter mike pelton. >> hundreds of parents are are dropping off their students and the class is are now under way. there was a bomb threat targeting this school. they found the threat written in graffiti. a teacher here was the intended target. this was all the host was students are very eager to talk about the situation. >> i was confused as to why someone would want to do this. we are a nice cool and it's just scary. >> i want schools to happen so i can get my finals over and go to christmas break. >> this is a good neighborhood and this should not really happened. >> the sheriff's office is giving us new information and they confirmed that the target was found at multiple schools. they also received tips and they are following up on them today. they will not tell us where the teacher right now is located but they do have efforts to protect him. they have sheriff deputies at the school and they're driving around the neighborhood. they want to make sure that everything runs smoothly this morning. their
are some of the people that are taking advantage of this. mike pelton how is it going out there? >> this is the hope of here. many of these people waited from 9:00 last night and day are getting their free groceries. the line is pretty long and you can see that this is the background of the shop we are . these peope waiting to get their hands on one of these bags. glide plans to hand these out and they come with either chicken, turkey or ham. they do this every year and this is a great turnout. >> this is something that we'd do not normally pay attention to. we do not talk about this as much because thwe live in california. there is not allowed access to food and a lot of people here do need help. >> this runs until 1230 or until they're one awful. they have about 5500 of these. nicosia underscoring that the demand is very high. they have had to shut down some of the roads. you should keep this in mind if you use this as your normal commute. >> back here in the new is room there are events where congress woman pelosi wants to get ben's lifted so that this will help curve the tra
plaza. let us get to our next headline. >> pgm = in san matewe will tako mike pelton standing by he is at a post office in the marina. today they are trying out their same-day delivery in san francisco. let us get the latest with mike. >> a tall order mike. same they deliver. >> this is exclusive to san francisco for the time being. the postal service as to be more competitive with online shopping and try to create additional revenue. the program is called metro post and to head off that sharp decline in first class and standard mail. shoppers will have from 2 to 3:00 p.m. to place an order with a retailer and expect the package to arrive between 4 and 8:00 p.m.. this is comparable to similar programs that charged $10. if successful in san francisco it will expand to other major cities next year. san francisco is being looked at as the test case. and hopes it brings in between 10-$15 million in san francisco. compare that to nearly 16 billion that was lost annually last year. that is a long way to go. back to you. >> when will see how it goes. thank you mike for the update. >> thank
were out for a run. some of them were even wearing shorts. mike pelton, a pleasanton, kron 4. >> coming up the 7/market street you might be surprised or maybe not. in the next edition of people behaving badly. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit vwdealer.com today. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. 7th and market streets in san francisco is an area so full of activity and action that you have to see it to believe it before i tell you why this fight broke out you might just want to finish what you're eating first if you are looking for something to buy this is might just be the place, however chances are you get what you pay for
the metering lights. >> we are watching the toll plaza starting today kron 4 is mike pelton reports from the bridge on what crews will be door. >> beginning next wait the toll plaza will receive a facelift. the project will cost 6 1/2 million dollars. this is a part of the rehabilitation program. they will paint the plaza white and the entire project is expected to last for six months. officials that is the that will not need to close down the last of daytime hours. this entir >> if you are wondering what happened to those against the gramm follows you were trying to share on twittered you are not alone. twitter says that is the gramm has disabled photo integration with the social network inside. totals can still be shared from mr. gramm via a direct link on twitter, but the photo is not visible in the tweet like before. in an appearance last week, mr. grammar's ceo says that the company wants to build a better web presence i have a user's view photos directly from mr. gramm's site. cable tv subscribers may have to rent more cable boxes. a federal rule change to that will allow cable com
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